October 2020 Report

September was a busy month. It was our fiscal year end and because it was an unusual year the process has been very laborious and interesting to say the least. Along with the fiscal year end we are required to have an Annual General Meeting to maintain our charitable status and it is also a licensing requirement. By now you “would have” received an invitation to our event. We are not there yet because it is meant as a meeting with some required business that must take place. It is also a time to honour our Board members and if needed vote in new members. We typically have a celebration and a yummy feast with prizes and draws. We use it as a time for you to meet all of the educators at Splash and see displays and power points to highlight the curriculum and activities with the children over the past year.

This year will be different. This year marks Splash’s 35th year serving the community. We were to have a big social event with a catered dinner and an invite to past Board members and Staff. We had a wonderful celebration planned. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect. It is what it is!! However, I try to find the silver linings in life! The silver lining was to turn that budgeted money back into activity supplies and new pinnies for the children and hoodies with our logo on them for the educators. We are pleased to be able to do that. The new pinnies look awesome!! The educators will receive their Splash hoodies soon

We are still going to send out invitations for our Annual General Meeting but it will be by Zoom. You will also receive a Zoom invitation that you can confirm and then meet with us from your home. We will send instructions to help you if you need it. We require a quorum and so we are asking that all of you attend. As we always do, we will be having draws and prizes for those that attend by Zoom. We are looking for at least 3 new positions on the Board. Please consider being a part of our team. We provide an orientation, a Board binder with everything you need to understand our business, there is child care and until the curve flattens, you can attend by Zoom. We don’t meet over the summer and just to ease your mind, we have Board insurance. Please consider a position on our Board of Directors. Have a say in what happens in the lives of your children and be a policy maker on our winning team. These are exciting times at Splash! Please contact me at Lesley@splashcares.ca if you would like to consider a position as a member at large. Thanks for choosing Splash and sharing your beautiful children with us!

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