January 2021 Report

Happy New Year everyone! Another year and another COVID self haircut shown here! Funny how pets can get groomed but we can’t!! Before I recap December 2020 I would like you to know that we reintroduced our newsletter effective this month. You can look forward to exciting news from the team of educators.

December was a very busy end to 2020. Our new centre went into demolition mode but the paperwork and meetings to make this a reality has become overwhelming. I am thankful to have such a great team who work together to keep everything running smoothly,

The new Board met by Zoom with an orientation for the new members and
considering we had a lot of business to cover we were finished in good
time!! I am thankful for an active Board. The team of educators have had a wonderful curriculum of activities for inside and outside. You can see how engaged the children are on Facebook. The children made gifts for their families and did acts of kindness over the season. The Heroes project honouring our community heroes is still going on. I am thankful for our dedicated team who live out our mission and values. I hope you enjoy the month ahead. Please stay safe and remember that a virus is contagious but so is kindness. Peace.

Lesley Massey

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