February 2021 Report

February will be a busy fun packed month for all of us.  February is when we start to see the light at the end of the tunnel of “cold” and start thinking about warmer days and more sunlight. February is when we celebrate and enjoy the Metis culture, the Festival du Voyageur, Lunar New Year.  We also celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here are some common thoughts I have collected from adults and children alike about Valentine’s Day;  “In Canada it is more of a “Hallmark” moment with cards, candies and consumerism, it is a perfect time to profess your love for your partner and to appreciate and celebrate love for your loved ones. Because you think about love there will be no more war. It’s just another day. It’s my favourite day. I feel it is hard on single people.  I love the decorations and candy,  I hope I get enough cards,”  Well no matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day it is what you make of it. I choose to see it as, a day like any other day, to live out love, kindness, compassion and respect for all people. 

LOVE Lesley

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