April 2021 Report

Happy spring everyone! Just like the seasons things change.  I will update you on some of the exciting things that have transpired over the last month. Please take time to read our monthly newsletters!


In the month of April, we celebrate week of the ECE and we will feature all of the team so that even through COVID you can get to know everyone up close and personal!!  Look for more information on the week April 26-April 29, 2021.   We said farewell to Jillian, the Site Supervisor of the Enrichment Centre. She is following her heart and has a new career working with youth. Our new Site Supervisor is Kristi and she comes with a wealth of knowledge about running a centre in the core area.  She is also part of the Nature Summit.  She is easy going, friendly, knowledgeable, organized, positive and energetic and learning the “Splash way!”. Corine, Assistant Director and Site Supervisor for the new centre, is fitting in very well.  It helps that she used to work for us for 14 years!!  She left to seek out a Director’s position.  We are pleased she is back and jumping right in to our new project. There is a lot of work ahead of us in filling spaces, hiring new educators and purchasing supplies and furniture.

We had many milestones so far this year.  Mary Ann and Tara turned 50! April turned 40! Tara is also coming up to her 25th year at Splash! Summer is on contract to manage the social media while she is attending the Toronto Film School. When we hire educators they are hired by the whole entity and sometimes move around between facilities. So here are some changes: Jaime is at school age, Aislyn is back at school age. April is now working in the Infant room at the Enrichment Centre.


We are able to provide our amazing curriculum including Forest School at no cost because of our ability to write grants and get donations.  Our costs are increasing and we are able to increase our numbers (COVID) to pay rent adequately so we will be moving forward with fundraising.  Look forward to that! Considering all the challenges we have had we are doing very well thanks to good leadership and a dedicated team.


Our new centre is coming together beyond the planning and design and now walls are going up, electrical and plumbing are going in. This centre is on two floors and many square feet!!! It will be the most unique centre in Manitoba!! The project is a true community hub. We were successful in getting several small grants to help with our summer program and with our inclusion support program. This infusion of money is very timely. We are planning our wonderful Forest School now. We are also experiencing some challenges in our infant program.


We are also having challenges with biting at the Enrichment Centre. There is a plan in place but if you are experiencing any difficulties please contact Kristi.


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