June 2021 Report

The season is changing and I hope you are getting outside and enjoying the warmer weather! Just as the season changes, so are we! Change is inevitable.  It is not the change that affects us so much as it is how we respond to the change. At Splash, when we are faced with challenges, we come together and find a way to manage the challenge and rise above it. Sometimes change is just what we need to move forward and improve upon where we have been! Living through this pandemic has initiated many of these changes. The pandemic is exhausting, fearful and difficult. It is personally and financially devastating. But it did cause us to pause and reflect on our practice, look at what really matters and let go of what does not. Look forward to our new centre opening in August and look forward to new and exciting events, curriculum and people. One thing that will not change is our mission and values. Splash cares. We care about all of you. When you come to Splash you are family. Stay safe everyone and remember that a virus is contagious but so is kindness. 

Lesley Massey

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