May 2021 Report

My report for May is going to be filled with emotions.The last weeks of April were challenging to say the least.The pandemic spread like wildfire through the centres and affected children, their families and the educators. Those that tested negative were still considered high risk and were mandated to isolate themselves.This caused both personal and financial pain for many of us. Most of those affected were asymptomatic but there are a few that are still suffering and won’t be with us when we reopen on May 3rd. Please take some time to offer a prayer for all of those who are suffering because of this formidable foe. As I have said in other reports, this pandemic is the great leveller. Despite our strict pandemic policies and our constant sanitizing, the virus found its way into our lives. It takes more than sanitizing, masks and policies to stop the spread of the virus. What it takes is for all of us to follow the restrictions, stay at home rather than congregate, get vaccinated and when you have to go out follow the Public Health guidelines.

I want to thank the Board for making some tough but important decisions to help keep our centre financially viable. The virus shut down the Enrichment Centre but it didn’t stop the rent and expenses we are responsible for.

I want to thank those of us in management who were left to fight another battle.The paperwork and reporting were overwhelming and the worry insurmountable. Worry for all who tested positive, for those who had to isolate themselves and the worry of what the emotional and financial impact of this will be on all of us. We all held our breaths as this played out one case after the other. We lived with the fear but as leaders we had to remain strong to keep people safe from the fear that could weigh us down and leave all of us susceptible to the virus. We had to stay strong to wade through the confusion and make the best decisions possible given the circumstances.

I would like to thank the team who were working through this and kept the program running at the school age centre and kept the children safe and engaged. I am thankful for the wonderful dedicated members of our team who are the heroes and show up every day even in a pandemic. Unfortunately, we had to postpone our special week. The last week of April was the “Week of the Early Childhood Educator.”. We will celebrate it soon. Until then, we will do what we always do, we will kindly care for those around us and we will celebrate our joys.

Lesley Massey

“Miracles happen everyday, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you.”
Jon Bon Jovi

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