August 2021 Report

We are into the dog days of summer. The temperature is hot and dry. The grass crunches below your feet. The rivers are dryer than usual and smoke is in the air. We are in a drought situation in Manitoba but it has not been a drought at Splash and despite all of the factors that have impacted us we have weathered them. We have adapted to all the restrictions of COVID and a shut down and survived despite of the drop in income. We are building a new large centre in the midst of COVID and rising costs and although it is a challenge we are making it happen. We did not receive enough financial support to have a full Forest School but we are enjoying what we have. Our gardens are flourishing, our children are happy and we are able to find enough of what we need to enjoy life. Or so it seems! The hard work of our whole team has created this place of enjoyment. As the summer comes to an end we are working hard to create enjoyment for the rest of the year.  That includes the fall curriculum, the reopening of the programs to full capacity at both of the centres, the grand opening and ceremony for the new centre and the AGM. The cycle of life for your enjoyment! Enjoy the rest of the summer and stay safe.

Lesley Massey

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