September 2021 Report

Message from Lesley, Director of Splash for September 2021

September always reminds me of new beginnings. School starts again and children come in all excited and dressed to meet their new friends. The leaves start changing colours and we begin to prepare for colder weather.  At Splash, September is a whirlwind of activity. We begin our new curriculum and reflect on our summer curriculum, order supplies, register new families, say goodbye to educators who leave after summer and say hello to some new team members. The Leadership must prepare for the fiscal year end, the budget, the audit and the planning of the AGM with the Board. This year we also have a new kitchen being built for the Enrichment Centre (made possible by a grant), a donation of office furniture for the school age centre to be moved and reconstructed and all the furniture and supplies coming in for the new centre. We also have new restrictions to deal with and we are still in a pandemic! Did I say we were in a whirlwind!? 

Mark your calendar:

Annual General meeting is October 21, 2021. Please be prepared to attend by Zoom. This year we are looking for a secretary to join the Board. If you would like to put your name forward for a position on the Board please email us. We will have prize draws for those in attendance. This is your chance to meet all the educators and enjoy a presentation. We require this once a year meeting to meet requirements of CRA and ELCC. You are making a difference in the lives of children

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