April 2022 Report

Executive Director’s Report for April 2022    

Happy spring, the season of changes! Spring is a good time to move towards change, to take stock of what was and make the change for what could be. It means rolling up our sleeves to make the changes needed for spring cleaning of the surroundings and of our lives. It is harder than you think but whatever lays ahead is more hopeful, usually better and is always needed.
The biggest change for us has been the opening of the new centre Splash Early Learning Centre and our new partnership in action. Look out Osborne Village Splash is here!!
The PATH we created this year has helped us to look within ourselves and improve relationships, enrich caregiving, work on expanding our Forest School program and follow the calls to action of the TRC to create positive change for the future.  Congratulations to all who worked on it. Let’s keep to our PATH and our Mission and Values.
This month we will be celebrating the Week of the Early Childhood Educator with our teams.  Early Learning and Child Care, as a profession, requires individuals with a great deal of personal investment and effort to form the relationships and experiences that will support a child’s development. This month the week is proclaimed by the City to honour those who help support parents/guardians and give each child loving care and an enriching curriculum. Week of the ECE is from April 25-29th.  Please take the time to show us your appreciation.

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