Executive Director’s March 2022 Report

Executive Director’s Report

It will soon be spring with new hope of warmer days and the beauty of nature unfolding before us! Although we all endured a long hard winter, we have lots to be thankful for. We accomplished so much in these last few months and we are happy to say that our new centre opens in March!! We recently completed our PATH for 2022 with the board, educators, children and the new Supervisors from the Learning Centre (who had not yet started). It was a good opportunity for them to learn about our mission and values and team covenant.  These values are more than what we put to paper.  It is how we hold each other accountable so that we live out those values. So what does that mean for you as community partners, friends, parents and peers? 

 It means that you will experience a welcoming, respectful, inclusive and caring environment at Splash. You can expect that we will walk with you as a partner.  We will create a safe environment of learning, caring and sharing for your children. We will strive to maintain a balance with each other and the world around us. We will always operate from a place of kindness and caring. We realize that we will not always agree but we will work towards finding a respectful way to resolve any issues that arise.

To new beginnings! Happy spring everyone !

Lesley Massey

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