July 2022 Report

A Message From The Executive Director: Lesley Massey                                      
We are starting the summer with the celebration of A NEW DAY!  For months we have been preparing for a safe and full summer and it is finally here! We welcome it with open arms; sun safety guidelines, insect repellent and sunscreen and all! In the summer we have even more guidelines to keep everyone safe.
Here’s what we ask you to do:· Please remember to send your children in clothes ready to have fun.· Please send a change of clothes, hat, towel and bathing suit all labelled to be left at the centre.· For safety please send children in clothing that covers their skin and is made for play!!! Please watch that children do not have clothing with long strings or ties that can get caught on climbers or trees.· Safe footwear is a must so no flip flops, only sandals with back straps.· Bring your children on time so that the educators can get all the things required ahead of time to provide a safe outing or field trip with them.
  Here are some of the things we do: 
· We provide ample information and training for our educators to ensure they have all of the important guidelines to provide a safe environment. Parents want a program and culture that is warm, caring, enriching but first and foremost safe.

· We hire extra team members in the summer and we have a summer conference on summer safety and Forest School to prepare educators for a fun and safe summer.

· Some of the tools we use include; group lists which are carried on each staff’s body, counting children constantly, walkie talkies, whistles for emergencies, risk assessments for activities safety audits of the play yard and other spots we visit, as well as determining a safe spot for children to come to in case of an emergency.

· We carry first aid bags, tablets and phones or walkie talkies. We bring quiet activities for children when they need a break or who do not act in a safe manner and partner up with children who require more guidance. Here is to a safe and happy summer everyone! Should you have any questions or concerns about our safety practices, please do not hesitate to call 204-550-5602 or email me at Lesley@splashcares.ca.
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