August 2022 Executive Director’s Report

“Ah, summer, what power you have to make us suffer and like it.” Russell Baker

As we go into the dog days of summer we are all wondering where the heck did summer go?!!  We are enjoying Forest School. We are having a great summer learning more about our natural surrounding and the community. Our gardens are growing like crazy and the children are outside every day. August started with the planning our new school age centre in the fourth rental space at Augustine Centre. We are now in the planning and design phase. We will have another Splash and so it begins!!!! In August we will be going on more outings, doing more acts of kindness in the community and we will be hosting more events. We’ve been lucky enough to have grants to help us out, volunteers to enhance our service and great summer students and staff to enhance our ratio. All of them have added their special flare to our program. Thank you to the Strathcona School, MaMawi and Indian Friendship Centre for all of their support of food and partnership. Thanks to Kayla, Site Supervisor of the Learning Centre, for kicking off a great fundraiser and to those who supported us. We are gearing up for next summer and this will help to buy the supplies for our land based learning. We are now in the planning stage of official grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony and reception for Splash Early Learning Centre. The province has given us the date of September 14th (Subject to change). An e-mail invitation will be sent out to confirm the date.

 Look at all of us shine!!!! 

Enjoy the rest of what summer gives you. 

Lesley Massey

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