November 2022 Report

Executive Director’s Report November 2022

A PATH to Success

“The secret joy in work is contained in one word-excellence. To know how to do something well and enjoy it” Pearl S. Buck

The AGM and Celebration was a success thanks to a  great deal of effort of all of the Leadership Team. Welcome to the new Board of Directors. Our new Board members will soon find out that we have a Mission and Values, PATH and a strong curriculum with a commitment to quality early learning and child care and community involvement. Our first Board meeting will be an orientation to assist them on their journey with us so that they will be encouraged to live out our values in the decisions made throughout the fiscal year.

 Introducing the Board of Directors for the 2022-23 Fiscal Year

Returning Directors and Members-at-Large:

April SinclairApril is starting her third term as Chairperson and 7th year on the board

Vanessa Taguba-Bonotan is entering her 3rd year and 3rd  term as a Member-at-large

Chelsea-Lynn Klassen is currently entering her 2nd year and this year her first term as Treasurer

Shawna Beach-Nelson-is entering her 1st year and 1st term as Secretary 

New Directors and Members-at-Large:

  • Kaitlyn Giles for Member at Large from the Learning Centre 
  • Stephan Grenier for Member at Large from the Enrichment Centre

 My name is Stephan Grenier. I have been a parent at Splash Child Enrichment Centre since March 2022. I am a social worker which gives me experience reviewing and writing policy, networking, and advocating. I am hoping to share this experience along with other skills as a board member.”


Thank you to Robyn Brown, Jessica Pierre, Bemnet Mulugeta Hailegioris and Julia Peristerakis for their dedication to SPLASH . A big thank-you to the returning members and please assist us in welcoming the new members. It is impossible to run a non-profit organization, such as SPLASH without volunteers to commit their time and effort to running the board. You may be unaware but through the pandemic it was a particularly challenging time to be a board member of a child care program. It is required of these parents- who need child care themselves to make difficult decisions such as, but not limited to; closing the centre in order to meet public health requirements. It takes a special person who can recognize and act for the public good of others even if it does not benefit them personally. You should be proud of yourselves for accomplishing that.

Thinking ahead

If you missed your chance to be a board member this year- don’t worry! You can put your name forward to the nominating committee next August/September. You can also join the fundraising committee- it is a good way to meet the board members and learn the running of the board so you’ll be ready to join the board for next year. We also periodically have a policy sub-committee, so feel free to notify us if you are interested in policy development.

Lesley Massey

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