Executive Director’s Report

July 2021 Report

So here we are another summer in the pandemic with all the health protocols and restrictions but the children and team are used to it. The exciting part is that we are moving into our summer program. Forest school and the team and children are ready for it! We have a few new faces at SplashContinue reading “July 2021 Report”

June 2021 Report

The season is changing and I hope you are getting outside and enjoying the warmer weather! Just as the season changes, so are we! Change is inevitable.  It is not the change that affects us so much as it is how we respond to the change. At Splash, when we are faced with challenges, weContinue reading “June 2021 Report”

May 2021 Report

My report for May is going to be filled with emotions.The last weeks of April were challenging to say the least.The pandemic spread like wildfire through the centres and affected children, their families and the educators. Those that tested negative were still considered high risk and were mandated to isolate themselves.This caused both personal andContinue reading “May 2021 Report”

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