Executive Director’s Reports

September 2022 Report

Summer went by too quickly. Thanks to all who helped to make this summer a great one for the children! Forest school was incredible and the gardens reaped what was sowed. Our forest school was great! The educators and children spent time in the forest and exploring the neighbourhood and connecting with the community. WeContinue reading “September 2022 Report”

July 2022 Report

A Message From The Executive Director: Lesley Massey                                       We are starting the summer with the celebration of A NEW DAY!  For months we have been preparing for a safe and full summer and it is finally here! We welcome it with openContinue reading “July 2022 Report”

June 2022 Report

News from the Executive Director:  Get ready for summer! Children will be getting out and planting in our community gardens. We will be going on outings, field trips and Forest school. We will be spending most of our time outside and the community will see us more. We are involved in our acts of kindness inContinue reading “June 2022 Report”

May 2022 Report

News from the Executive Director: April showers bring May flowers!  As a nature based centre we bloom along with the flowers! This is truly our time to shine. Going outside is an integral part of a child’s learning and healthy life. The Learning Centre has plans to walk and begin to discover places and parksContinue reading “May 2022 Report”

April 2022 Report

Executive Director’s Report for April 2022    Happy spring, the season of changes! Spring is a good time to move towards change, to take stock of what was and make the change for what could be. It means rolling up our sleeves to make the changes needed for spring cleaning of the surroundings and of ourContinue reading “April 2022 Report”

February 2022 Report

Executive Director’s Report Happy Lunar New Year month, Black History month, I Love to Read month, Festival du Voyageur month, Valentine’s day month, pink shirt day recognition and hopefully Opening of Splash Early Learning centre month!! There are loads of things to celebrate in February to say the least! I will be primarily located atContinue reading “February 2022 Report”

Bear Raffle Winners 2021

Splash Child Care Inc. and Splash Child Enrichment Centre Wooden Bear Sculpture Raffle 2021 3 Draws: Draw#1: 1 large horizontal wooden bear sculpture Ticket #0748 Draw#2: 1 set of 3 vertical wooden bear sculptures Ticket #0827 Draw#3: 1 set of 4 vertical wooden bear sculptures Ticket #1630 Thank you for supporting S.P.L.A.S.H. Child Care Inc.

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