Executive Director’s Report January 2022

Happy New Year everyone!! 🎉 We are indeed happy to move out of 2021! Last year presented the dedicated leadership with what seemed like insurmountable challenges but we worked through each one together with grace and humour!Despite these challenging times and in the shadow of the pandemic we continue to have good news to share.Continue reading “Executive Director’s Report January 2022”

November 2021 Report

Executive Director’s Report In October we had a successful Annual General Meeting and celebration. The Enrichment Centre has moved into a new more structured program with an enriching curriculum. The School Age program got some gently used desks to replace the 1996 desks and they organized the staff room and office.  Both Centres have been workingContinue reading “November 2021 Report”

September 2021 Report

Message from Lesley, Director of Splash for September 2021 September always reminds me of new beginnings. School starts again and children come in all excited and dressed to meet their new friends. The leaves start changing colours and we begin to prepare for colder weather.  At Splash, September is a whirlwind of activity. We begin ourContinue reading “September 2021 Report”