Our Mission And Values

At  S.P.L.A.S.H. Child Care Inc. we strive to create and maintain a community that promotes personal growth, health, and safety. Our values reflect this belief, and guide our actions and our relationships with the children in our care, there families/caregivers and co-workers.

Collaboration – We recognize and use the unique strengths and contributions of all team members, children, families, and our community partners. We recognize the power of the group to achieve results beyond that possible by individual members working alone.

Acceptance – We provide family friendly, welcoming and supportive environments where we are attentive to individual needs. We create an environment where children can feel love and respect and have an opportunity to develop positive self esteem.

Respect – We honor the dignity of the whole person in our interactions with each individual. We welcome diversity in thought, culture, and tradition that individuals bring, believing it strengthens our collective whole.

Excellence – We commit to high quality, coordinated, care and services that are innovative, accountable and continually improving. We commit to staff development and continual learning through personal and professional educational opportunities. We will respond to the needs of children, their families and communities.

Safety – We provide a safe and healthy environment for children, staff, and families. We create an environment where children can feel physically and psychologically safe and secure in order to realize their potential and develop a sense of well being and belonging.

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