Splash Child Enrichment Centre Educators

Andria Martens

Early Childhood Educator II

Hi I’m Andria. I am a trained Early Childhood Educator, with over ten years experience in both child care centers and nannying. I am a patient, fun and encouraging mom of two, who strives to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children while allowing for them to learn and play. I love being outside and expressing myself creatively in art and music. I understand the importance of learning and reading too but it’s always best to learn while having fun. I will help children develop all aspects cognitively, physically, emotionally and socially.

Anna Bell

Child Care Assistant

Hello my name is Anna, I’m originally from Ukraine. I’m bilingual in Ukrainian and Russian, and also besides English, I can speak Chinese. I started to work with children in 2015 as an ESL (English as a second language) teacher in China.  I continued to work as an Early child educator in Tajikistan. All my classes are usually play-based, because my philosophy is: Children learn through play. My goal is to help children develop their physical, cognitive, social-emotional and language skills and at the same time enjoy their childhood.  

Cheyanne Monkman

Child Care Educator

Hi everyone, My name is Cheyanne Monkman, I just recently graduated Grade 12 from Maples collegiate. I have been working with children for about 6 years starting with a little babysitting job leading up to being a dance teacher assistant which I continue to do on my spare time. I love working with children and would like to go back to school eventually to work in the education field, I just haven’t decided in what form yet. I come from a rather large area family; I have a total of 7 siblings, myself being the oldest. I have 4 sisters and 3 brothers. I love to dance, I am a Salsa dancer and teacher, I have trained in Latin dance since I was 9 years old, winning the Canadian Championships 7 times in different genres.  I look forward to seeing what Splash Daycare brings to my growth as well as sharing some of my fun ideas with the children I interact with everyday. 

Gagandeep Brar

Child Care Assistant

My name is Gagandeep Kaur Brar. I joined this centre as a CCA. I am honoured and pleased to be a part of the splash family. Best time of the day is spending time with all the little pumpkins. I love all the colours. I adore the mother nature and love to spend time outside. I am fond of travelling. I love to play

Gavin Beardy

Early Childhood Educator II

Gavin is from Grand Rapids, MB but grew up here in Winnipeg.
They went to UCN (University College of the North) and studied Early Childhood Education in The Pas, MB (2019-2021). Gavin is the oldest of 9 children. They’ve worked for Cree Nation Child & Family Caring Agency since they were 18 years old.

Geraldine Adigue

Child Care Assistant

Hello. My name is Geraldine. I am a mother of 4 children (16,14,7, and 1). I am so happy to be back at Splash after completing my Medical Office Assistant course. I enjoy playing with the children and learning about their interests and needs. I look forward to making more memories at Splash.

Javaan Frey Sam

Child Care Assistant

Javaan Frey-Sam is a CCA and a very motivated individual. She has previous experience working within retail and child care, and these experiences have taught her the importance of patience, enthusiasm and diligence. Javaan enjoys staying creative and active through photography, small sewing projects, working out at home and taking my dog to the dog park. She believes that an innovative life style is a healthy life style. She is a social butterfly and considers herself to be a little silly! She enjoys lighting up a room with humour and high spirits. Javaan is excited to be working at SPLASH and plans to bring her positive energy and passion to work with her every day!

Jeanette Aguilus

Child Care Assistant

Jeanette Aguilus is a CCA who works various hours during the week at Splash Child Enrichment Centre. She enjoys meeting new people and making friends. She is so excited to be part of the team so come and say hello!

Maricel Mantaring

Child Care Assistant

Helllo, my name is Maricel. I’m happy to be back at Splash EC after taking a break to spend time with my babies. I am a Child Care Assistant and a proud mom. I love the mission & values of Splash. I’m excited to continue my adventure educating the children at splash.

Shweta Shweta

Early Childhood Educator II

Hello there! My name is Shweta and I’m an ECE II. I am a kind, generous, and happy individual with a zest for life. My love for adventure and exploration has made me a passionate traveler, always eager to discover new places and cultures. 

One of my greatest joys in life is being surrounded by the laughter and innocence of children. Their energy and curiosity are infectious, and I find immense happiness in spending time with them, engaging in playful activities and witnessing their growth.

With an energetic spirit, I approach each day with enthusiasm and a positive outlook. Whether it’s trying out new activities, embarking on thrilling adventures, or simply enjoying the company of loved ones, I believe in making the most out of every moment.

So, join me on this exciting journey as we explore the world, indulge in delectable flavors, cherish the company of children, and embrace the boundless energy and love that life has to offer.

Sofiia Voronyi

Child Care Assistant

My name is Sofiia and I’m from Ukraine. I began my experience with children in 2022 in Ukraine as a teacher’s assistant in a children’s art school. I have experience in Winnipeg since I worked as an Child Care Assistant at Maple Leaf School. The goal is to help children develop their skills and artistic abilities at the same time. I like Picasso’s quote – “All children are artists. The problem is to remain an artist when you become an adult”

Tana Lillie

Child Care Assistant

Tana is a proud Metis! She has been mentoring, guiding and teaching children for over 20 years! She is passionate about helping our children learn about the world we live in, the First Nations culture, and how they can make a difference, by being kind and compassionate to each other.