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Our Splash Newsletter is a way for us to communicate with you an a monthly basis and let you know the following things you deserve to know:

1. What your kids are doing
2. How the daycare is doing
3. What events and other holidays to expect
4. Message from our Executive Director

Below is a link to our Splash Newsletter so that you can see all of the above and more!

S.P.L.A.S.H. Child Care Inc.
Splash Child Enrichment Centre
May 2022 Newsletter

News from the Executive Director:https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/iByQB0LYYWMeQWIYx4cJfBKuHjgYbu2dGb6O3dco_iyFYDfpsRAfzQEJsoGtSfO5IZWKdSdBYWhG6O0Y9vujrxfiXB1eL_xMpO4w57vUmho0XDaKVtxG1z3xLX7a25CxiDfTtiychM740gGZKQ

April showers bring May flowers!  As a nature based centre we bloom along with the flowers! This is truly our time to shine. Going outside is an integral part of a child’s learning and healthy life. The Learning Centre has plans to walk and begin to discover places and parks in the neighbourhood. They will be learning from our centres in the North End how to connect with the community by dropping into businesses to introduce themselves and find green spaces to stimulate the discovery process. Taylor will be helping them to start a community garden and they will share a medicine garden with Oak Table. We are a Forest school site and Janel and Kayla are Forest School Practitioners who will be arranging for a soft start to our Forest School at the Learning Centre and setting up Forest School for EC and CC.  Our North End Sites are well established in our urban forest but it takes time and resources to get a program up and running. I am thankful for the collaboration between the centres and all the help.  Special thanks to the Board and Leadership for the wonderful Week of the ECE at all the centres!!! 

 In May there will be an official ribbon cutting ceremony for the Learning Centre with our Board, the Province and special invited guests! This will be a media event followed by a “meet and greet” where a light snack and refreshments will be served! We started this process in 2016 so we are happy it is coming to fruition!!! 

https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/daD4oZCO7qnb1rclNWraN_eoJIoa2s8VtLDOkmtkXZqsiy_BMNDnP9kQ2P8p70Pd9sW8u5HS6dxanHLVt0zzNtTll02cD5PRvMBpivh5acUmu6oXfoKG-0_OGFPUa8-AHhTPiyN4msR47KtfDAHappy Mother’s day to the Mom’s and Kookums, Mooshums Uncles, Aunties, Dads and all the special heroes who love and care for children. We honour you and we hope you have a great day.


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Splash Early Learning Centre
April 2022 Newsletter

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