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Our Splash Newsletter is a way for us to communicate with you an a monthly basis and let you know the following things you deserve to know:

1. What your kids are doing
2. How the daycare is doing
3. What events and other holidays to expect
4. Message from our Executive Director

Below is a link to our Splash Newsletter so that you can see all of the above and more!

      January 2022 Newsletter

Executive Director’s Report January 2022 
Happy New Year everyone!! 🎉  We are indeed happy to move out of 2021!  Last year presented the dedicated leadership with what seemed like insurmountable challenges but we worked through each one together with grace and humour!
Despite these challenging times and in the shadow of the pandemic we continue to have good news to share. We ended 2021 with a much awaited  interim occupancy permit for our new centre. That means we can finally start moving in. We will require a full occupancy permit before children can start attending but this is a huge move forward. We have our new team hired and we can begin their orientation and training process on site. We can move out all the furniture and supplies we have been storing from both centres, the Y and my basement!! Michelle can finally give the families of our 92 children some hope that they will soon be opening!  Then the hard work for leadership begins!!

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